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The body-on-frame SUV's towing capacity of up to 9,300 pounds (4,218 kg) and GCWR of up to 15,100 pounds (6,849 kg) comes in handy when hauling cargo for special missions. Ford says it features a "cop-smart interior" devoid of a column shifter, and the floor is covered in easy-to-clean vinyl. Just in case things get messy, you know?
The Fremont Police Department was among the first to build one in 2019, but the Model S has since found its way into a few other precincts.

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When you put it all together, emissions killed off the rotary. The combination of inefficient combustion, inherent oil burning, and a sealing challenge result in an engine thatвs not competitive by todayвs standards on emissions or fuel economy.
Rotary engines, also known as Wankel engines, are a departure from the traditional piston-based internal combustion engine. They feature a triangular rotor that rotates within a housing, creating a unique combustion cycle. This design offers several advantages, such as a high power-to-weight ratio and a smoother, more balanced operation.
Deposits and sludge can form for several reasons, includingв
This may seem like common sense for those who don't know much about diesel engines, but diesel vehicles are prone to problems when they're running low on diesel fuel as well as when they have a clogged fuel filter. Keeping fresh diesel in your tank and making sure that you frequently change out your fuel filters will keep them from getting clogged up-but to really protect yourself from seeing any long-term problems with your diesel vehicle, make sure that you add a stabilizer once the tank is full before putting it into storage for a while.
Ensure the cooling system is functioning correctly. Check the coolant levels, radiator, water pump, and thermostat. Repair or replace any faulty components to prevent engine overheating.

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